The Israeli Forum for Employment Diversity

What is the Israeli Forum for Employment Diversity?

The Israeli Forum for Employment Diversity is a national coalition of private, public and nonprofit organizations established in 2010 to promote workforce diversity in the Israeli business community.  The Forum provides a dynamic learning environment and develops theoretical and practical tools for corporations seeking effective ways for increasing diversity hiring and inclusion at work.

What do we do?

Our chief goal is to disseminate knowledge and provide professional support to diversity and human resources managers in Israeli corporations.  The Forum regularly holds training for diversity managers and conferences, showcasing international experts and case studies to the business community.  Forum Members receive hands-on workshops, professional tours, continued learning seminars and monthly newsletters covering new development in all related areas.

The Forum provides managers the ability to learn about the diverse sources of talent and the numerous ways to effectively implement diversity in contemporary business world.

The Forum’s longstanding flagship course, the Diversity Manager Training, was attended by dozens of Israeli large companies with great commendation.

The Forum grants each year the prestigious Business Diversity Award, in honor of Dov Lautman to business organizationswho has shown remarkable diversity leadership.

The Forum strives to create a meaningful change across Israeli business realm towards full inclusion through driving more and more   employers to be a part of the change and to take meaningful steps towards workforce diversity.